Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bierland Bamberg and The Rauchbier

With the highest concentration of breweries on earth Bamberg is not only know as a UNESCO World Heritage city but also known as the capital of beer. Known for their "Rauchbier" smoke beer, the city itself counts 8 breweries. Since 1818 the town has been a host to over 70 breweries, most of the town's operations were oriented to crafting beer. 


The most popular one is Schlenkerla, made by Heller-Bräu Trum. In Bamberg, Spezial is also know for it's Rauchbier and they have a few varieties including a smoked Weissbier for those of you who prefer white beer. If you follow the Rauchbier link you will also find a recipe as Rauchbier can also be used for marinating pork or lamb!

Drinking your first Rauchbier, you'll probably think WOAH, this is just like drinking pure smoke and after 0,5L you won't have another one. I found that different brands have different levels of smokiness and some are even very rich and creamy, it is possible to enjoy more than one at a time. The stronger ones will leave a smoky aftertaste on your palate so if you have to try lighter beers first, I recommend you do that.

The Aecht Schlenkerla is the Rauchbier you are most likely to find in your neck of the woods, in Canada for example I know they have some for sale at the LCBO (Ontario) and SAQ (Québec). Elsewhere, visit your specialty beer store to see if they have it.

Still in style

There seems to be a revival of Rauchbier among the craft brewers lately. Fort Collins Brewery (Colorado) has a Rauchbier called Out of the Ashes, Beau's (Vankleek Hill, Ontario) made this interesting Banana Rauchbier which was surprisingly delicious! 

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