Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Maibock

So you think you know red ales, you've got what it takes to drink strong beers and you've tasted all the brown ales you could find? Well combine all of that together and you might get very aroused by Maibocks.

I've always been a fan of German style beers and now would be a great opportunity for me to give a warm shout out to the homeboys at Beau's. I've been living in Munich, the beer heart of Germany and let me tell you I'm discovering something new every week. Just want to let you guys know that Beau's has been dead on with what they've been sellin' ya.

At first I was looking at German beers the wrong way, I thought you have your Pils which are bah, normal, you have your WeiƟbier, you'll find good consistent ones and pretty bad ones. Then we proceed to the typical Helles which every brewery can make, it's usually regarded as the "regular" type of beer. In the winter and the cold months you have your dopplebock, starkbier (strong beer) and the Maibock which I'm sipping on right now.

Only a handful of breweries seem to be interested in making the Maibock, it's lighter than the starkbier but still contain on average 7% alcohol and is dark orange/light brown in color. It's the bridge between the cold winter and the summer time and opening of beer gardens. If you're interested in a bit of culture I wrote a piece on Maypoles.

Wherever you are there's likely a brewery trying to reproduce this spring flavor, check it out and let us know what you think about it. The one from HB is the best I've had so far. Cheers!

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