Saturday, October 26, 2013

Top 10 sexiest beer labels

When it comes down to beer, are we more likely to make a decision based on the beer label? Is a formal label associated with a refined, more expensive product? What about the sexy beer labels? Are they just a cover for mediocre beer? I thought I'd round up a few of the sexiest beer labels and let you decide.

#10 New Albanian Brewing Company's Naughty Girl Blonde India Pale Ale

You had me at Naughty, check out their website they have some insane artwork!

#9 Palo Alto Brewing Company's Hoppy Ending Pale Ale

Not only hilarious play on words but I bet this one has a good palate and a great finish! 

#8 Wasatch Beers' Polygamy Porter

If you're into that you can buy gear on their site.

#7 Old Dominion Brewing Company's Morning Glory Espresso Stout


Guaranteed to get you up and running! They have a blog with killer recipes here.

#6 Amager Bryghus' Lust series

Unfortunately they don't have an english version of their website. But if you're from Denmark, here you go!

#5 Clown Shoes' Tramp Stamp Belgian India Pale Ale

They have close to 7000 followers on Twitter, all wanting to get into 'dem jeans! You can wear them on your chest for 15.99$ and while you're checking out their store, check out the other beer labels!

#4 Rubbel SEXY LAGER

From the makers of Delirium in Belgium, a vintage look and a reasonable alcohol volume! For more info on this one you can visit Shrimper's blog. He's got an informative bit on this beer's marketing. And yes, that IS a scratch remove bikini!

#3 l'Alsacienne "sans culotte"

From France it is now reportedly brewed by Brunehaut brewery which looks a lot classier than what the label above suggests, you be the judge.

#2 Buckeye Brewing Cleveland's Summer Girl

Spotting this one on the shelf will definitely make you look twice! There's not a lot on Buckeye Brewing Company and if anyone would care to send some information my way, @beerfeederguy.

#1 St. Pauli Girl

She's the obvious choice, she's been around for a while she's had a guest appearance in the US version of The Office.

It has been updated!

And it seems like the older version wasn't even blonde! In fact on their website you can see a carousel of St Pauli Girls going through the years.

Did I miss one? Post them on Beer Feed's Facebook page.

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