Thursday, October 24, 2013

Beer culture: Pouring a weissbier

Weissbier 101

The weissbier is usually good. It is also know as Hefeweizen, Weiss, Weizenbier and Wheat Ale. It is pronounced "vice-beer". It means white beer in German. It is unfiltered, hence the residue at the bottom of the bottle.

The glass

You should always pour a weissbier in a glass. There is residue at the bottom of the bottle, you don't want to drink it out of the bottle. Never wash the glass in a dishwasher, traces of detergent may affect the integrity of the glass and the quality of the head.

The bottle

You should store the bottle in an upright position so that the residue stays at the bottom of the bottle. This will prevent the yeast from moving around and you'll end up with too much head. If you can, the suggested temp. is 5º - 7ºC.

The pour

There's the slow and steady method where you angle the glass and when there's just less than a third of beer left in the bottle you give it a twirl to dissolve the residue still at the bottom and then pour the rest.

The other method is the inverted pour which takes a little more skills but definitely a crowd pleaser .

For Hoegaarden lovers, this guy seems to have found a way to pick up at a party.

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