Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beer Culture: The Shower Beer.

Most of us have a favourite beer, if you're reading this blog or following @Beerfeederguy on Twitter you likely have more than one. But what about your favourite place to have a beer? A group of dirty beer lovers decided it was time to clean up their act and do it right. The "Shower Beer" was born! 

How it all started?

Can't really tell but sure glad it did! According to the Urban Dictionary the oldest definition dates back to March 12, 2004.

Do people actually know about this? ...and how awesome it is!

For redditors out there the subreddit /r/showerbeer has close to 1000 posts and 17 000 subscribers. The first post dates back to the summer of 2013 so this movement on reddit seems to be a new thing and will likely pick up very quickly.

The main offenders are usually male but you'd be surprised at the number of ladies who also enjoy a cold one in the shower. You'll find a few inspirational couple pictures (this seems to be the favorite) and a few pieces of literature on the subject.

So you have to clean yourself with one hand?

Not quite, you see two guys put their shower caps on and brainstormed Shakoolie! A shower beer holder made with velcro. They've also produced a game card so you know exactly when a shower beer is a good move.

You can also check out showerbeer.org if you're a fan of shower beers and need you're "badge".

Even Good Guy Greg knows about shower beers...

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