Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Crew for You

I've been looking around town (Munich that is) for some local craft beer and if you're not from here it get's a bit tricky. After being here for three months or so I've realized that stores and businesses don't realize the impact of online presence. After asking around on reddit and cruising facebook and translating many German websites I finally found what seems to be one of Munich's hidden gem.

Getränke Oase

They have a facebook page and my first impression was, WOW! They have a lot of beers in that small shop. Belgian, American but most importantly German Craft Beers. 

The first two I tried were from the highly recommended Crew Brewery.

The Detox and The Escalation. I personally preferred the Escalation, I was looking for something bitter and hoppy and the Detox had a great citrusy aroma but lacked a bit of IPA grit. Both very well balanced beers they come in 0,33cl bottles and are a little more expensive but someone's gotta pay for those cool labels!

Check out their other beers.

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