Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Oktoberfest: A Canadian living in Munich's perspective

No surprises! Showing up on the first day we knew there was no way we'd get in a tent and had to limit ourselves to strolling around. It's basically like walking through a mosh pit, but sober.

Beer Prices

If you go to Oktoberfest and you don't drink... "you're gonna have a bad time" but the beer prices keep increasing, now at 9,80€ for a maß (liter) of Augustiner. In some tents you'll pay up to 10,15€ which basically means you're paying 11,00€ if you're generous with your waiter. Just to give you an idea, I can buy 20 bottles (10 liters) of Spaten, Löwenbräu or Augustiner for 13,00€ at the store.

A half chicken will soak up some of that alcohol but will also set you back another 10,95€. You should probably skip that looping roller coaster ride if you want to keep the rest in you and 8,50€ in your wallet.

There's also this app you can buy for 99¢ call Bier Inspektor, in which you insert the price of a liter and then measure how much beer is in your maß by taking a picture of it. The app tells you how much you're getting robbed if your beer head is taking over on the golden stuff.

Beer facts

Apparently Augustiner is the only brewery who will still serve their Oktoberfest beer from wooden barrels.

More facts:

I was watching the extensive coverage of Oktoberfest and an interview with the organizers of HB (Hofbräu) revealed that HB is the most popular of the Munich Breweries around the world. The HB tent is also known to the locals as the "Tourist Tent" filled with Aussies, Brits and Americans. The organizer denied that this is true and insisted on the authenticity of the brand and the strong presence of the local crowd. He seemed to be the only one with that opinion.

The Parade

There's a parade on the opening Sunday consisting of different marching bands and the breweries' carriages. Fun for the whole family, there was only one drunk holding a huge flag pole but his buddy helped him out.

Quick tips

To fully enjoy this still very traditional event be respectful of others at all times, we're all there for the same reason celebrate and enjoy some tasty beers. 

Don't bring anything you wouldn't want to lose or get stolen.

Don't go on drinking on an empty stomach, there's a lot of tasty treats and those big pretzels are life savers!

Remember dilution, is the solution!


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